Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tung Ping Chau...Paradise Lost.

So here is the full post, a little later than planned but better late than never.

I am quiet surprised I was able to post the teaser picture on Saturday especially since it was an earlier than usual rise on a weekend. 7.10am-ish to be precise.
It was a necessary early start to be sure to catch the only ferry to the island at 9am from a pier up in the New Territories. After a picturesque ferry ride we arrived at Tung Ping Chau and the water was so clear that any doubts about rising so early were washed away.
The island is known for its rock formations, crystal waters and fresh air all of which are amazing after weeks in the city. There is also still remains of how life used to be on the island many years ago with ruins of Hakka houses dotted along the coast with some residents returning on the weekends to serve the tourists.
Although the heat was a little exhausting and the sun may or may not have turned me pink for most of this week it was definitely a worthy trip out of the hustle and bustle. Just watch out for the ants and HUGE spiders... 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

On route to Tung Ping Chau

A quick snap from the ferry on our way to Tung Ping Chau...full post to follow.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Picturesque Palawan

Nothing could have prepared me for the sights that greet you when you arrive in Palawan. Its like a lost island, something only found in the movies. Crystal clear waters and volcanic rock formations, surroundings which seem unreal until you touch them.
(note: volcanic rock is jaggy, it can hurt you)
In the short time we were there we managed to hire a motorcycle and tour half the island, visit the Hot false advertising, natural hot springs - amazing, island hop for a day and still managed to fit in a game of pool (which I am the champion). Coron Town Proper (its no fake) is very small with many homes and businesses taking the shape of little wooden shacks. Armed with both my CMYK and mini diana I tried to capture the spirit of a few days in paradise...

Friday, August 5, 2011

I went squid fishing...

...and all I got was this photo.


A few weeks ago I took part in a squid fishing expedition. Not only had I never fished before but I was also the only gwei-mui on board. I was even told that I was too white when the photos were being taking...sigh Damn my Scottishness!!
I was positive though that I could catch a squid, how hard could it be. There was squeels of joy as many of the others on board caught one after the other. FINALLY, I felt like I had something! I reeled in my line and there it was...a tiny little puffer fish. Poisonous apparently.
At least I had fun...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Park Life...

Growing up in a country town I was spoiled for choice for parks and grassy fields to lounge around in on summer days. Here in Hong Kong, parks are for playing basketball and sitting on benches...lazing is frowned upon. So it was quite the treat to find this little gem not 10mins from my doorstep. There was everything you could want from a park - fountains, statue, benches, flowers and GRASS, green grass that you can sit, lie or as we attempted..handstand on! With the a view out into the harbour it has become one of my new fave spots in Hong Kong. Next time I'm taking a picnic...