Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ready, Steady, Go...

A few weekends ago Daddy M.came to visit. As a lover of motor sport it didn't take him long to decide to come over once I mentioned that Macau was hosting its 57th Grand Prix.
The weekend was 2 days full of early starts, high speed action and ferry rides.
After a rude awakening at 5:02am on the Saturday, it was off to catch the ferry so as not to miss any of the action...by 10:05am I had witnessed 4 crashes of three different kinds of motorized vehicles and I was seriously wondering how much more my little heart could take! After lunch I got over excited and kicked my shoe over the railing of the grandstand, luckily it didn't land on the track...whoops!
Sunday was again an early start with more (some expensive, that's what happens when you race a Ferrari) crashes most of which stopped the races.
I attempted (cars go faaassstt) to capture the moments of the Grand Prix over the two days of the weekend...

Quick card game between races.

PB obviously found something far more interesting...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


To earn a crust in this world I try my best as a Knitwear designer, which involves me putting together designs which I then get Chinese people to make for me. I promise its not slave labour.
Trips into China are often needed to check upon my samples, cracking the whip (not literally though) which is usually an interesting experience.
The area which I visit most often is that of Dongguan an hour or so by train from Hong Kong. It is a large industrial city made up of factories all shapes and sizes and close to 7million people living and working there. It never ceases to amaze me the things that go on in China. Last time I was there, a man was walking through the traffic selling puppies...I kid you not.

Most of these were taken whilst in the (slight) safety of Mr Ho's car...kind of like drive by photo shooting.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Copy Watch, Copy Handbag...

Hong Kong is full of them. Whether they be selling you food or things that possibly fell off the back of a truck. One of THE markets to go to (according to many an HK guide) is Temple Street Night Market.
Amongst the nicnaks and 'i <3 HK' t-shirts are outdoor restaurants and interesting old Hong Kong buildings.
Food and old timey HK...love and love.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anyone for tea?

When one wants to have afternoon tea in Hong Kong there is only one place to go...The Pennisula Hotel. One must be properly attired for such an occasion no flip flops and shorts here, no no! Stepping through the doors of The Penn is like going back in time. The lobby is set up for afternoon tea with grand collums and opulent lighting surrounding those who dine. From 2.30pm onwards those who wish a table must queue and wait their turn. The wait may seem tedious but it is well worth it.
I was lucky enough to be taken for tea by Cousin John who had flown into town for the weekend. After taking the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui I was all nostalgic with colonial Hong Kong and ready for my cucumber sandwiches (sooo yummy, who knows what they do to them) and scones with jam and cream. Sipping on my tea, from a china cup no less I waited eagerly for the delights that would be brought to us. The tiered tray that is placed on the table contains very delicate looking fancies which one scoffed in a matter of seconds. Last to be gobbled down was the scone, save the best til last I thought. Nearly sent me over the edge is what happened!

Cousin John and I both remarked at what a marvelous time we had at The Penn but both decided that shovelling in such rare treats at the speed of sound was not the best idea especially when about to embark on Star Ferry ride number two...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seeing Red...

Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan (shot on 35mm SLR)

Tank Lane, Sheung Wan (shot on 35mm SLR)

Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan (shot on 35mm SLR)

Graham Street, Central (shot on 35mm SLR)

Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan (shot on 35mm SLR)

Hollywood Building, Sheung Wan (shot on 35mm SLR)
My re-found love for film photography has encouraged me to take my camera out for a walk and make locals think I am a tourist - which is what happened to me on Saturday.
I went for a goosey gander around my neighbourhood snapping things here and there. My wandering soon had me over in Soho going up Peel Street. I was looking around to see if there was anything worth capturing when a man bellowed 'Welcome to Peel Street' waving his arm to demonstrate that he was welcoming me to the street I was on. I thanked him, to which he replied 'If you are looking for something unusual you should try the herbal tea shop at the bottom, it has been around since 1961.' As not to hurt his feelings I turned around and headed in the direction of the tea shop, where I walked past in the direction of home. I love tea, but the smell of herbal tea is ... well its not the best. Another time, maybe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

For the love of film...

I love taking photos. Fact.
It took me a long time to convert to digital. I didn't think there was anything wrong with using a 35mm...well that was until my mother started using a digital camera! So, when I did change I soon embraced the endless photographs and joys of seeing what your pictures look like seconds after taking them. It became the norm and poor old film photography was but a distant memory. That was until a few months ago.
I was lucky enough to be given a 35mm SLR (thanks GDub) and some black and white film to play with. I was completely clueless as how to use this fancy piece of equipment and was almost reluctant to use it. Not being able to see what you had taken was slightly scary at first...how would I know that my photo was any good?!
I stopped worrying and started shooting. It wouldn't be all bad, Hong Kong is a perfect place to take pictures no matter what kind of camera you are using.
A few adventures later here are some of the results...

Shau Kei Wan

Museum of Costal Defence, Shau Kei Wan

Shau Kei Wan

Replulse Bay



Hopewell Centre, Wanchai

Friday, October 15, 2010

Will you be my friend.....

Doorway, Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

Dim Sum...and then some.

To most Hong Kongers meal times are the most important part of the day, and who can blame them? When you can eat almost everything and anything its hard not to place breakfast, lunch and dinner at the top of your priority list.
Dim Sum means to order to your hearts content....basically you grab your friends, head to the local restaurant and order as many dumplings in steam baskets as possible with a few spring rolls and noodles. Many a Sunday afternoon has been spent sipping cha and enjoying the delights of Dim Sum. Probably best to avoid the Chicken's Feet though; no matter how delicious people tell me they are I do not want to put a foot in my mouth. Thank you. That also goes for Cow's Intestine and Pig's Blood (it doesn't come like Black Pudding otherwise I would).

Chop Sticks at the ready...

I Love Tea