Friday, February 24, 2012

Diana mini x USA

 When going on a road trip it makes sense to travel light...I however, always manage to end up with more than is required. Especially when it comes to what camera to take. I managed to bring 3 cameras (embarrassed face) on my trip to the US, not to show off you understand but because they all achieve something different or at least I hoped that they would. In my defence, the Diana mini doesn't take up that much space so it is the perfect travel camera.
It also turns it that the weather in western states of the USA are perfect for these little toys as they bring out the best in the film. I heart my Diana mini like it hearts the USA.

Spooky car graveyard, Jerome AZ
Spooky car graveyard, Jerome AZ

 The first stop on our trip was the infamous ghost town of Jerome, with its creepy deserted mines and burnt down buildings.

Then it was onto Sedona and a hike to 'Devil's Bridge'.
Driving up to the Grand Canyon saw a change in the weather. Snow storms and cold wilds were not ideal for picture taking but it was an amazing place to see and definitely worth the visit. 

After a drive into Nevada over the Hoover Dam it was only natural to stop at the 'fabulous' Las Vegas. Gambling has never been my strong point but it was fun and the added attraction of people watching was very entertaining. 

With fear  of losing my soul to Vegas we headed (through more snow storms) to one of my favourite places...Los Angeles, complete with a walk down Santa Monica Pier.
Santa Monica Pier
A great end to a great trip.

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