Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lovin' Lomo

My love for lomography is always there it is just a little bit stronger today. You see, I finally put my film in to be developed from my trip to the States last month. And when I got them back I was one happy bunny, here is why...

1. I had never tried the fancy red scale XR film that gives you cool, muted tones.
(ISO 50-200...but I think I set mine lower around 30, even riskier!)
2. My old Pentax was having light metering problems which had me worried.
3. I thought I'd ripped the film and would lose it all..eh hem.

i <3 the sun flare

me in downtown Phoenix

The film gives pretty cool results, don't you think? It also helped that the Arizona desert just happens to have the perfect conditions to shoot said film. Really excited to use it again now...hopefully the sunshine will be out this weekend!

If you fancy trying it out for yourself you can get it at your local Lomo stockist or online...here

vix xoxo

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