Friday, October 22, 2010

Anyone for tea?

When one wants to have afternoon tea in Hong Kong there is only one place to go...The Pennisula Hotel. One must be properly attired for such an occasion no flip flops and shorts here, no no! Stepping through the doors of The Penn is like going back in time. The lobby is set up for afternoon tea with grand collums and opulent lighting surrounding those who dine. From 2.30pm onwards those who wish a table must queue and wait their turn. The wait may seem tedious but it is well worth it.
I was lucky enough to be taken for tea by Cousin John who had flown into town for the weekend. After taking the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui I was all nostalgic with colonial Hong Kong and ready for my cucumber sandwiches (sooo yummy, who knows what they do to them) and scones with jam and cream. Sipping on my tea, from a china cup no less I waited eagerly for the delights that would be brought to us. The tiered tray that is placed on the table contains very delicate looking fancies which one scoffed in a matter of seconds. Last to be gobbled down was the scone, save the best til last I thought. Nearly sent me over the edge is what happened!

Cousin John and I both remarked at what a marvelous time we had at The Penn but both decided that shovelling in such rare treats at the speed of sound was not the best idea especially when about to embark on Star Ferry ride number two...

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  1. Looks lovely wish it was me!! Well maybe next time! x