Friday, October 15, 2010

Dim Sum...and then some.

To most Hong Kongers meal times are the most important part of the day, and who can blame them? When you can eat almost everything and anything its hard not to place breakfast, lunch and dinner at the top of your priority list.
Dim Sum means to order to your hearts content....basically you grab your friends, head to the local restaurant and order as many dumplings in steam baskets as possible with a few spring rolls and noodles. Many a Sunday afternoon has been spent sipping cha and enjoying the delights of Dim Sum. Probably best to avoid the Chicken's Feet though; no matter how delicious people tell me they are I do not want to put a foot in my mouth. Thank you. That also goes for Cow's Intestine and Pig's Blood (it doesn't come like Black Pudding otherwise I would).

Chop Sticks at the ready...

I Love Tea

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