Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ready, Steady, Go...

A few weekends ago Daddy M.came to visit. As a lover of motor sport it didn't take him long to decide to come over once I mentioned that Macau was hosting its 57th Grand Prix.
The weekend was 2 days full of early starts, high speed action and ferry rides.
After a rude awakening at 5:02am on the Saturday, it was off to catch the ferry so as not to miss any of the action...by 10:05am I had witnessed 4 crashes of three different kinds of motorized vehicles and I was seriously wondering how much more my little heart could take! After lunch I got over excited and kicked my shoe over the railing of the grandstand, luckily it didn't land on the track...whoops!
Sunday was again an early start with more (some expensive, that's what happens when you race a Ferrari) crashes most of which stopped the races.
I attempted (cars go faaassstt) to capture the moments of the Grand Prix over the two days of the weekend...

Quick card game between races.

PB obviously found something far more interesting...

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