Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fire? Dragon?

A couple of weeks ago it was the annual Mid Autumn festival, which means the parks and streets are filled with people and lanterns. What I didn't know was that for 3 nights there is also a dragon, not only that its a Fire Dragon! I was excited just at the thought, you should've seen me when I went to witness this amazing spectacle.
It takes place every year in Tai Hang, which although it has tiny streets they were perfect for dragon chasing.
The whole place was swarmed with people trying to get a glimpse of said dragon which was covered from head to tail in lit, smoking joss sticks....made for a pleasant smelling evening but quite sore on the eyes when running after it. Worth it though, even if it did make me look crazy.
Here are the shots I managed to snap...

Ps. Items to take next year:
Step Ladder
Crowd Control Water Jet

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