Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camping It Up.......

Although the recent Typhoon dashed our hopes of a cheeky T8 day off it did however clear the air and bring us some much needed Sunshine. The girls and I thought we'd make best use of the sunny weather and embarked on a trip to Tai Long Wan.
(we had hoped there would be more a group effort but boys are stupid, well the metro sexual ones are)

So PB, Big D and I shoved a few belongings into our rucksacks and set out to Sai Kung. Once there we stopped off to get some camping essentials - Vodka, Ruffles, Nuts, Dried Mango, Fire Lighters, Lighter - and headed towards the pier. It soon became apparent that the boat we were hoping to take was going to be rather expensive. Boo said we. After much deliberation and possibly the worst bargaining skills ever we gave in to Hero (real name) and got on the boat driven by his 'brother'.
When Hero told us that there was 'Big Waves....trouble...' we just nodded along and Big D even proclaimed that they always say that. Well, they don't call it Big Wave Bay for nothing.....I'm not sure if our engine was still running the waves were so choppy! Slightly scary but muchos fun.

After our bumnumbing ride we headed straight for the restaurant for a ice cold bottle of Tsing Tao and renting a tent.
Tent was rent and was managed to be put up fairly easily......more time to enjoy my beer.
Next on the to do list was collecting firewood. Big D managed to find a 'tree' and drag it back. In all fairness it was bigger than her but tree......not quite.

Hunter Gathers.....

We had collected a fair amount over the course of 30mins so for a reward we took a dip in the sea......and then headed to the other restaurant for some fried stuff with noodles and more beer. I like beer.

Indiana Jones Style Bridge over to the Restuarants
 Two rather large bottles of beer and a bottle of wine later it was dark and we had the exciting task of a fire to build (and vodka to drink).
As a Girl Guide I was fully prepared for this sort of task and didn't listen to PBs constant demands for more firelighters. I was not going to 'chuck them all in'. I never doubted our ability to light the fire but I thought it best to save some just in case. Although it has been noted that Park'n Shop lighters are not suited for lighting beach campfires.
Once fire was lit, Vodka was poured and Good Times began.......

Over the course of the evening it was revealed that PB liked to make new friends some of which joined our campfire. It is unsure if the poor exchange students knew what was going on but they were good sports.

In the morning however they were not quite as friendly as they had been the night before.
Was it teasing of the 'clubbing' they were missing out on or the fact that no one was keen to join them for a midnight swim.........

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