Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where to begin......

So, after some thought (and peer pressure) I have started my own blog. Not entirely sure what it'll be won't be discussing anything in particular mainly just documenting what I see and do in HK, as well as the antics of my peeps.

I always wanted to visit Hong Kong so when I moved here for a job it was like I was living the dream......Knitwear Designer (studied Knitting at Uni) and living in a new exciting city on the other side of the world.....fandabbydosy! I was however slightly nieve and didn't realise that the culture shock would be quite as big as it was but nearly 3 years on and I have adapted to the lack of personal space and constant stares. Its a love:hate relationship but everyday HK surprises me.......

I am looking forward to sharing my adventures so that you can all see how crazy/beautiful/busy/quiet/completely outrageous HK is.

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