Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You've Got Mail......

Unlike most people I seem to have obsessions with strange and often bizarre things (some say its crazy but I think its endearing). My latest obsession being Mailboxes. Now I can't remember when it started but where I definitely remember was in Sham Shui Po......an area in HK where us fashion peeps go to get our Buttons/Fabrics/Trims etc. As usual I had been sent there to look for some button or fabric that had to be found right away (yawn) and there is nothing worse than having to try and find something in SSP if you don't know which shop it came from. You might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack!
So as this task had lost my interest I begun to look around at Sham Shui Po itself which I found was far more interesting than the button I was failing to acquire. With my camera in hand I started snapping and as with most things in Hong Kong the mail boxes are unique and wonderful....well to me at least and my obsession was born.
Ever since then I can't seem to stop taking a pic when I see one. They are the same but different. I love how they adorn the walls or just hang off doors.

I only wish my mailbox was half as exciting as some of these.......

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